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the objects (the “objects”) of the charity are, for the public benefit:1.1 - to promote the human rights of children (as defined in article 4.2);1.2 - to prevent or relieve poverty, financial hardship and suffering of children;1.3 - to preserve life, and promote the health and welfare, of children including by protecting children who have suffered harm or whose lives and security are at risk;1.4 - to advance the development and education of children; and1.5 - to promote the efficiency and effectiveness of charities who are members of save the children, through the provision of advice, co-ordination, education and training,in all cases working anywhere in the world.2 - in these objects the “human rights” of children means any or all of those rights and freedoms as defined in the universal declaration of human rights and the united nations convention on the rights of the child, including the rights to survival, protection, development and participation, and will be promoted in particular by:2.1 - advancing understanding and raising awareness about the human rights of children;2.2 - enabling children to achieve their human rights;2.3 - international advocacy of the human rights of children;2.4 - promoting respect for the human rights of children; and2.5 - contributing to the sound administration of human rights law in so far as it applies to children.

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